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Cancun American Miami Cancun

by John the Wanderer
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Cancun American Miami Cancun

After relaxing at the Admiral’s Club in Miami, my wife and I made our way to the gate for our flight to Cancun.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

With it being in Miami, there is an outpost of my favorite Cuban Restaurant, Cafe Versailles which has locations throughout the Miami International Airport. One happened to be right next to the departing gate, so I got a Cafe Con Leche to enjoy on the flight to Cancun.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

The Coffee was excellent and I am glad I had an opportunity to get one while I was in the airport.

Flight Info

Date: June 11, 2016

Flight: American 1321

From: Miami – MIA

To: Cancun – CUN

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4A and 4B


After I got my coffee, the boarding had already began for the flight so I enjoyed the line.

The gate area was busy with activity.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

The gate agent greeted me and she asked me to scan my boarding pass before inviting me to board. The gate agent wished me a good flight.

A flight attendant welcomed me as I boarded the plane.


The seat was comfortable. It was a standard first class seat on the 737.

The power outlet functioned and the seat reclined correctly.

During the boarding process, a flight attendant offered a choice between water or orange juice for the pre-departure beverage. I requested a water and was given a glass.

The boarding process was quick and the cabin was prepared for departure.

There was a short taxi after the flight left the gate before the plane went up in the air.

During the Flight

Once the flight was up in the air, the flight attendants greeted the passengers and they offered a beverage choice.

I requested a vodka cranberry. The flight attendant thanked me and she returned within a minute and served the beverage on a cocktail napkin.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

The drink was served chilled over ice. It was not garnished with a lime. The drink had a good taste and a good alcohol level.

A few minutes later, a flight attendant presented a snack basket and offered a choice between chips, nut mixture, fruit and cookies.

I selected kettle corn as well as coconut oatmeal bites.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

The kettle corn had a good taste and flavor and it was sweet. The kettle corn was fresh. The cookies were also fresh and they had a good taste and flavor.

The flight attendants circulated the cabin and offered more beverages.

As the airplane approached Cancun, the plane flew near the hotel zone.

Cancun American Miami CancunCancun American Miami Cancun

Shortly after flying over the hotels the plane approached the airport and went over the jungle area.

Cancun American Miami Cancun

The flight landed on time and there was a short taxi before we reached a gate. A gate agent made an announcement to welcome everyone to Mexico before passengers were allowed to deplane.

The flight attendants thanked us as we exited the plane.

Customs and Immigration

After exiting the airplane, we reached the customs and immigration area and found a long line.

We joined one of the lines and after about an hour and 10 minutes, we were able to get through immigration.

We visited the baggage claim area and located one of our bags; however, the other one was missing.

Fortunately, the missing bag was mine.

We went through all the American baggage claim areas but were unable to find the bag.

I approached the American representative who assisted me with filing a claim for the missing luggage.

The rep located another bag where the passengers had multiple bags checked, but only one of the bags remained so he thought that passenger may have taken my bag by mistake.

The agent attempted to contact the other passenger without success.

The agent filed the claim and he informed me that I would be contacted as soon as possible about the bag. He provided a tracking number and provided more information.

My wife and I proceeded to the customs area and we were asked to press the button. We received a green light so we did not have to go through an inspection.

We exited the security area and walked through the time share area before exiting the terminal and locating our transportation to the hotel.

Bag Follow Up

For several days after the flight, I followed up with American; however, my bag was not located.

I made a trip into town to buy some supplies at Walmart to tide me over through the week.

I am still at this time waiting to hear back from American.

I filed a formal claim about the bag and requested reimbursement for the items I purchased.


The flight itself was good. The flight attendants were attentive and they provided good service. It was unfortunate that the bag was misplaced; however, since I was just going to be spending time at the beach during the week, I did not need many supplies. By the time we exited the customs area, we were both ready for our vacation.



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