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Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

This post is Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit. It is a review of my experience while I was up in the air on Delta.

This post is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

Trip Details

Date: September 7, 2017

Flight: Delta 955

From: New York Laguardia – LGA

To: Detroit – DTW

Aircraft: 737-800

Seat: 11D

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Check In

I used one of the kiosks in the check in area to scan my passport and reprint my boarding passes.

The check in area in Terminal C was light with activity at the time I arrived and there was no waiting to check in or to use the kiosks.

The security lines were medium in length. Although the C terminal has two entries, only one of them were open at the time.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

I utilized Clear to bypass the TSA identity check and was immediately ushered into the screening area.

After two minutes, I cleared security and was in the terminal.


I received an upgrade to the Delta Comfort+ section of the airplane at the time of booking the flight. My flight between New York and Detroit had the possibility of being upgraded to the Premium Cabin; however, I ended up being #12 on the upgrade list for 0 seats.

Gate Area

I approached the gate area at the scheduled boarding time.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

The gate area was in the crowded area with very few seating options outside of the ones at the central restaurants.

There were also a lot of banks of iPads that you could use to order food or use the internet and apps.


Boarding started upon my arrival. I was assigned the Sky Zone, which included nearly everyone else in the boarding area on this elite heavy route.

I joined the line when the Sky Zone was called. The line was more like a heard of people as you typically see on an Elite Heavy route.

Nonetheless, I reached the gate agent within five minutes and the agent asked me to scan my boarding pass.

After scanning the pass, the agent thanked me for being a Platinum member and he invited me to board the plane.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

I joined the line in the jet bridge and made my way to my seat.

Boarding continued for about 15 minutes before all the passengers were on the plane.

As per the norm, most of the bins in the front of the airplane were filled at the beginning of the boarding process so many passengers had to store their bags further back.

I lucked out and got the last small space above my seat for my bag.

Boarding was efficient and the door was closed on time.

There was a long taxi. It appeared to last about 40 minutes before the plane was up in the air.


My seat was 11D, which was an aisle seat in the second row of economy on the 737-800 aircraft.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

The seat was a regular economy seat configured in the Comfort+ section.

The seat featured normal recline with a seatback screen in front of me.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

A power port was available in each row as well as USB power.

The television screen was small but there was a large amount of content available.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was up in the air, the flight attendants welcomed everyone and they prepared the cabin for service.

The snack basket was not offered to the Comfort+ seats and the passengers were offered a beverage and cookies or pretzels on the flight.

I noticed that the first class cabin had the snack basket service.

When the flight attendants reached my seat, they greeted me politely and offered cookies or pretzels.

I requested cookies and was provided a Biscoff cookie packet in the Delta branded wrapper.

I also requested water and the flight attendant thanked me and provided it with a cocktail napkin.

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit

The cookie was fresh and it had a good taste.

The flight attendants picked up the used items shortly after the beverage service concluded.

I utilized WiFi on my phone and responded to some emails.

The flight was quick and soon enough the cabin was being prepared for landing.


The plane landed on schedule and there was a short taxi to a gate in the A terminal.

Once the plane reached the gate, there was a brief delay before the door was opened.

The flight attendants thanked me when I departed the airplane.

I had about an hour before the departure time on my flight to Tokyo so I made my way to the gate.

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My flight on Delta Airlines LaGuardia Detroit was good. The flight went by very quickly and the flight attendants were polite. I was surprised that no snack basket was offered as I thought it was normal with the Comfort+ seats, but the Biscoff cookie was excellent as always. I looked forward to my upcoming flights on the international aircrafts.


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