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British Airways First Class

by John the Wanderer
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British Airways First Class –

British-Airways-First-Class-JFK-02This past week I booked a deal on British Airways to travel in First Class from Prague to Cancun. The deal appeared to be a mistake fare as I was able to purchase it for $844.08. I originally found the itinerary on BA.com for around $745; however, it appeared the fare was being pulled from the BA webpage at the time and the purchase did not go through. I found the same itinerary on American for about $100 more so I booked it since the BA options were no longer available.

The routing is Prague – London – Dallas – Cancun – Dallas – London Prague.

The flight London to Dallas and Dallas to London is operated by a British Airways 747.

BA F PRG to CUNThis itinerary today costs $5,562.

I am excited to get to experience BA international first class. I have heard a lot of great things about the experience. In addition. I will get access to the Concord Lounge at London which in itself should be an incredible experience.

The deal originated in Prague so I have to figure out a way to get to Prague.

This weekend American issued a sale to Europe that included Prague; however, during the dates I was interested in going it was for $1200 so I will continue to watch for other options to get there. In the meantime.

Have you experienced British Airways First Class on the 747-400? Or were you able to get in on this deal as well? I currently have seats 1A. What are your thoughts on that seat?

Photo Credit: Lucky / One Mile At A Time

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