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American Airlines Finally Adds New Safety Video

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Safety Video

American Airlines Safety Video

The American Airlines Safety Video has been used for many years now.

Even after the merger with US Airways, the same old video with the old livery was used. Only recently, was airplanes with the new livery dubbed into the video.

American Airlines Safety Video

Old Video

The old video included a group of various American Airlines employees each doing a short segment of the video.

The video felt dated and was in need of a refresh.

While it was nice that many different employees were utilized, it was just played for too many years so many people simply tune out while its up on the screens.

New Video

About a week ago, American Airlines released a new video at the same time that the flight attendants began wearing new uniforms.

The video features one main flight attendant leading the majority of the video.

The video was filmed entirely in a studio with a cool and modern set.

It appears that the video has mixed reviews. I think it is a nice addition and I look forward to seeing it the next time I am up in the air.

Some people criticize it because it feels to studio-made and away from the airplane.

I like it and think it is a fresh update.

It was nice they timed it at the same time as the new uniforms were released.

Previous Video

Here is the original video:


Updated 2016, American with dubbing in an airplane in the new livery:

Favorite Video

I like the new American Video a lot.

One of my favorite safety videos; however, was Delta’s 80’s Tribute:


I appreciate the change to the new video.

What about you? Which video do you prefer?

Have you been on a flight where you had an opportunity to watch the new video?

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