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My stay at Hyatt Place MSP Airport

by John the Wanderer
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Hyatt Place MSP Airport –

I am a Hyatt Diamond Member. In order to maintain the status, I need 25 stays per-year. This oftentimes can be challenging for me as I do not travel for my job. From time to time when there is a good deal for a local property, I will make a reservation in order to help me reach the goal of 25 per-year.

The benefits of Hyatt Diamond Membership are:

  1. Free full breakfast at all hotels
  2. Upgraded rooms on most stays
  3. Access to Club Lounges on properties that feature them
  4. Hyatt Suite Night Certificates

This past week was one of those times where I made a reservation in town.

I selected the Hyatt Place Minneapolis Airport-South and booked a standard room at a rate of around $85.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

I arrived at the hotel in the evening and found that the building was a bit out; however, it appeared to be in good condition.

Check In – 

I entered the hotel and found that the lobby served as both a reception desk as well as store and restaurant. The lobby featured a coffee and wine restaurant which had a limited menu that was available 24-hours per day.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

The lobby also featured the morning breakfast area for the Hyatt Place Skillet breakfast. There were various tables and chairs available throughout the lobby.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

I approached the reception desk and found one colleague present and zero other guests were waiting. The colleague offered assistance. After I requested to check in, he asked for my name and for my identification card and credit card. I provided them and he confirmed that I had a one-night reservation and he thanked me for being a Diamond Member. The colleague said he would provide points as the amenity. The colleague processed the registration quickly and asked how many keys I needed. I said one and he issued the key and presented it to me when he returned the credit card and identification card. The colleague also provided a parking permit and asked me to hang it in my window. The colleague offered additional assistance. After I declined, he wished me a good evening.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

My Room – 

I was assigned room 303 which was a standard room  with a king size bed.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

I utilized the key to access the room and it functioned correctly.

The room was dimly lit when I opened the door.

After I turned on the lights, I found a large sitting area with a television, desk with chair and small counter with a refrigerator and coffee station present.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

There was a small half divider to the room and on the other side there was a king size bed with two bedside tables.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

The bathroom was located near the bedroom area. The bathroom featured a shower and toilet. A vanity was located within the room with a sink and an amenity station with limited options.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

The amenities that were provided were soap, shampoo and conditioner. There were no water bottles in the room. A sign noting that the hotel offered other complimentary items at the front desk if I needed them.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

The room was clean and all the lights functioned. The sitting area could be converted into a bed. The chairs were comfortable.

The television featured a DirecTV box within the room and there were a lot of HD channels available along with a on-screen guide. There was also a media box for connecting your personal devices.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

The linens were clean and had a pleasant scent. The towels were slightly thin but they were otherwise in good condition.

The room featured a view of the parking lot.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

The room had a couple defects:

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

  1. The bed had a crack in the headboard
  2. Dust was present near the light at the bedside table
  3. A few scuff marks were present in the room

The room was quiet throughout the stay and I was able to sleep without interruption.

Hyatt Place Skillet – 

In the morning I visited the Hyatt Place Skillet area and found a variety of items available including cereal, bread, bagels, pastries, fresh fruit, fruit salad as well as three hot skillet items.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

All the food was labeled and it was stocked. The food looked attractive.

One colleague was present in the area who was cleaning tables as guests departed as well as keeping the food stations full and clean.

The colleague greeted me when I arrived in the area and she invited me to help myself to the buffet.

I selected fruit salad, orange juice and a coffee.

Hyatt Place MSP Airport

The fruit salad consisted of pineapple, melons and grapefruit. The fruit salad was served cold. The fruit was fresh and it had a good taste.

The orange juice was served chilled but it was slightly sour.

The coffee was served hot and a variety of condiments were available. The coffee had a good taste.

After I finished my food, the colleague offered to remove the used dishes. I accepted and she thanked me and she wished me a good day.

Public Areas – 

The public areas in the hotel were clean overall. The seating area in the lobby was in good condition and a variety of chairs were available.

The hotel featured a pool that was accessed using the guest room key.

Hyatt Place MSP AirportHyatt Place MSP Airport

The pool room was warm and the air had a clean scent.

The pool was clean and the water was clear. Towels were available along with restroom facilities. No one was utilizing the pool area during my visit.

There was an external door near the pool that had a key card reader for access; however, the keycard reader was broken so it was not possible to access the hotel from that door. Guests were required to use the front entrance.

Check Out – 

I approached the front desk to check out and found one colleague present and zero other guests were waiting. When I approached the desk, the colleague offered assistance. After I requested to check out, he looked at the key to get the room number. The colleague asked about my stay. I said it was good and he asked if I needed a receipt. I requested an email one. The colleague thanked me and he said I was all set. The colleague wished me a good day.

I never received the email folio upon my departure from the hotel.

Summary – 

The stay was not memorable as the interactions with the colleagues at check in and check-out was limited. The hotel was clean and the room was comfortable. The breakfast service was good and the colleague there was friendly. I was surprised that no water bottles were provided in the room. In addition, it would have been nice if the colleague at check in would have made a brief introduction to the hotel services.


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