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Korean Air Lounge LAX Review

by John the Wanderer
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Korean Air Lounge LAX

This is a review of the Korean Air Lounge LAX Airport.

Korean Air Lounge LAX

My colleague recently traveled to Tokyo on American Airlines on a business trip. He had some time at the Los Angeles International Airport, so he visited a few lounges to pass the time.

Lounge Access

The Korean Air Lounge is a Priority Pass Lounge. My colleague got access to the lounge via his Priority Pass Membership.

You can get access using the John the Wanderer affiliate link to Priority Pass. We appreciate your support of the blog.

Staff Interaction

The agents at the front desk welcomed me when I arrived. They processed my Priority Pass membership card and asked me to scan the terminal. The agents welcomed me to the lounge.

Staff members were noted to circulate the lounge and they were greeting guests as they walked by, the staff members removed used dishes, glasses and trash and kept the area clean.

Lounge Setup

The lounge is located within the airport and it offers an open air terrace that overlooks the interior area of the terminal.

Korean Air Lounge LAX

The lounge is setup in a large room with various tables and chairs. Outlets and USB power were located near most of the tables.

Korean Air Lounge LAXKorean Air Lounge LAX

The seating area was comfortable and there were plenty of seats available.

Korean Air Lounge LAX

Food Options

Korean Air Lounge LAXThe lounge office a self-service bar with limited alcohol options. A few spirit bottles were available along with mixers. Three wine selections were offered. In addition, a coffee machine was available.


Korean Air Lounge LAX

The food buffet was in a separate room located adjacent to the main lounge room.

Korean Air Lounge LAXKorean Air Lounge LAX

The food options included Western and Asian items including both hot and cold selections.

Korean Air Lounge LAX

Noodles and Raman were available along with sushi, fruit, vegetables, desserts and breads.

The food was displayed neatly.

I made a Rum and Coke and relaxed in the lounge a bit.

Korean Air Lounge LAX

Lounge Overall

The lounge offered plenty of seating options. The tables and chairs were comfortable. While the beverage options were limited, the food buffet offered a number of selections that should please all the guests. The staff were polite.


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